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DONE! :) I work out minimum 5 days a week already. Yay! Lately my workouts are in the morning and they actually make me feel great all day. Sore but great!


I'm at Taekwondo 4-5 days a week so I am good! :-) Now the weight just needs to come off! lol


Too bad you didn't start this last week! I have been killing myself at the Fitness MD! All good but I don't know that my arms are happy with me! haha!! This is a good challenge! I need the motivation to keep going! =)


Big check marks for me! Fitness MD 5 days a week and at least two miles logged on my treadmill each day. I look forward to my workouts...well most of them :-)!


Great job everyone! Keep it up!

I've been jogging/walking at least 3-4 miles, 5 days a week (except for this past week). The weather is really hurting my routine. Argh!!! (frustration) I live up in Foresthill and the rain, freezing temps, and now snow, are making it very difficult to get outside for my workouts :-( Hoping that beautiful, sunny weather returns soon.


Woot Woot! I love my workouts!!

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