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What's the deadline to get a 10 day pass? I just had gall bladder surgery yesterday but as soon as the dr gives me a release I want to check it out.


Being in the group of those who are losing a little each week is okay. I need to be realistic and losing 4-5 pounds a week isn't going to happen for me. I measure a lot of my success by how I feel mentally. That's huge for me. I have to be really careful because I have three young daughters. I don't want them to see that my every thought is consumed by diet. I want them to see me being healthy and active so that hopefully they will make the same choices. I don't want them living with a parent who is obsessed with weight loss, like I did. It really did something to me mentally watching my dad struggle with obesity. It was hard.

So by choosing healthier alternatives and making exercise a priority, I know that I am creating a healthier me. Especially mentally. And that I'm being the kind of role model that I should be for my kids.

And yes, I do have a weight loss goal....but I also chose to live life and to be more kind to myself.

Sorry that was long....off to bed, 6 a.m. gym time comes early!


i, too, am in the second group. and i am very proud of that! for me, this 12 weeks is helping me to make permanent lifestyle changes, changes that will last beyond the 12 weeks. i needed some accountability with this challenge, and i got that! i love that i feel better about myself. i love that i feel better everyday for making good choices. i don't want the 12 weeks to end and have my good choices end too.

for those who are losing a lot of weight each week, congrats! that is fabulous. for those who are losing a little each week, keep it up! you are doing great too. for those who are struggling, know that YOU have it in you. you do. i didn't think i had it in me for most of my life. but, i proved me wrong.

have a great week ladies!!!


Well said, Katie and Annie! The small changes I have been making are BIG changes for me...and it's what is working and motivating me to make live a healthier lifestyle for the long-run. Congratulations to ALL of you who are consistently losing...keep it up! Those 1-2 pounds lost each week, will quickly add up to BIG #'s making you a Winner (or BIG Loser) no matter what! Have a great week!


I am so jealous...I want to try this out, but I live over in Davis and a 45 minute drive to work out is a little far ;-)

Good luck everyone and have a healthy week.


I can't join, I live in Elk Grove, so an hour drive each way to work out is a bit much.But, I have been doing taekwando 3-5 times a week since the begining of the challange, and in 2 weeks I have my first tournament, and in 2.5 weeks my first belt test! And let me tell you, it is not an easy work out if yo do it right!

I know I am not losing much at the moment, but I do think part of that is that I am gaining muscle, and so that will be better for me in the long run. It is a bummer though when you get on the scale and don't see much difference. But I am getting healthier overall, and that is the most important thing!

Brenda Johnston

Kelly, Raimi and Mo are rocking their workouts at Fitness MD! It is so fun to see them there everyday. I started with Fitness MD almost 3 years ago and although I didn't need to lose weight when I joined, I lost 9% body fat in my first three months! Totally toned me up--the workouts are so different than anywhere else I've gone! (And if you miss more than three days in a row, a trainer will call you!) Keep up the good work everyone--and join us at Fit Club!


Michelle- the 10 day pass is good till the end of our 12 weeks, so you can join us whenever!

katie, annie, debby- i hope you girls don't think i was harping on the 2nd group.. i am so proud of anyone who has made any healthy changes in this challenge!! i know that everyone has different goals, outlooks, etc. and can appreciate that and just want to be able to be able to help you reach whatever goals you have set! the people i am super concerned about are the ones who appear to have already given up or who haven't even started.. i feel like everyone joined for a reason... and am just trying to harness that reason and get them into the game. thanks for all your responses! hope you are having a great week!- kelly

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