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These fajita's sound delish...thanks for the recipe!

One way I boost my protein is eating non-fat greek yogurt...high in protein and calcium. I get the plain kind and then add frozen fruit and it's a pretty yummy yet healthy snack.


Goodness, this one will be hard but i'm almost there for today. Just a couple more grams. I count calories so I'll now have to count my protein along with it. I WILL do this! :)


I have spent the last 2 days looking for ways to increase my protein. Finally I spoke to a friend whose daughter is a nutritionist. I told her about the challenge and she said - NO WAY!! Anything above 64 grams per day is very hard on your organs. I took some time to research and .8 grams per kilogram of weight is a benchmark. I attached a link to a website if you would like to check the recommendations for your gender and age. Sorry, Kelly, but this one I'm going to have to pass on.

Chicken fajita recipe

great information with delicious recipe.I think this is the way of making healthy & tasty food.at least we can learn that how much nutrition in my cooking food and whether I give my family proper nutrition or not.Thanks for the nice share.

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