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Brenda Johnston

You rock girlfriend! You are going to make it to your goal, no problem! I love being able to see you everyday at the gym and work out with you!


Great job! Such a positive uplifting story. :) If anyone has iphones...there is a great app called My Fitness Pal, its awesome. You can track all our food (has a huge database of foods and brand names, excercise, water. You can even connect with your friends! My friend and I have found it very motivating! Just thought I would share!


I'm not doing round 2 but I talked my sons father into it. If it wasn't for me doing round 1 I probably never would have found Fitness MD. I'm right there with you Raimi, can't imagine my mornings without those workouts. You did great the first round and I have no doubt you will do twice as good the second round!


You look amazing, Raimi! I'm so excited to see your continued journey through round 2. You'll rock it!!


You look fabulous Raimi!!! So proud of you!!!


Great job Raimi....Keep it up! Thank you for sharing.


You look fabulous Raimi! Thanks for the nudge I needed. Accountability is huge for me and I actually enjoyed my first week. Not easy, but I'm already feeling better with my first workouts in ages (and minus all the junk I normally eat)! A small step in a long journey, but like you, I'm happy to be headed in the right direction. Thanks again for sharing your story!

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