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June 18, 2008


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yahoo! i get to be the first... i'm new to the blogging world, but i'm totally addicted too! i saw the game on the green tangerine's blog, so my question is...

i see you wearing cowgirl boots in your pics. do you have more than one pair? if so, which is your favorite and how did you get started wearing them?

i guess that's more than one, but this game is fun. i can't wait to see everyone else's and your answers. (i'm not going to lie, it would be fun to win the class too!)



I have one of the age old questions: are you a cat person or a dog person? :-)


Hey Brandigirl, thanks for sharing with us, and yes this is addicting. It seems like I am looking at a new blog everyday, plus all the old ones! keep the posts coming!I can't wait to see more of your work.. And where do you get all your inspiration?

Tina, Ashley, Brooke Biles

Do you love working at Green Tangerines w/ your co-workers? Tina, Asley, Brooke:)


Ooh I *love* q&a...

*What are your top 5 most played songs in your ipod right now?

*If you could have any super power what would it be?

*If you could only wear one color from this day on what would it be?

*What is your astrological sign? Does your personality reflect the qualities associated with that zodiac?

*What was your favorite subject in school?

*What is one of your pipe dreams...something that you believe to be too far fetched to actually happen?

Okay, I like asking questions a little too much, lol. Anyways, love the blog header, super cute.

See ya around!


Hi Brandi! Just wanted to say hello and welcome to the BLOG universe. It is immense and fun! You've been at the store a handful of times when I've been in and you are always very helpful and happy - the perfect combination for a helper at the store.

My question is: What is your favorite dessert? I love dessert and will eat nearly everything. I'm especially partial to anything cheesecake, creme brulee and dark chocolate.

Thanks for the opportunity to ask you some questions.

Heather Hall

If you were stranded on a desert island & could only have 8 scrapbooking items.......what would they be? Of course we would eventually save you....we would HAVE to see the wonderful things you created while there!


ok, mine maybe a little weird but here it goes.
if you don't drink coffee in the am, how do you get your "boost" or do you even need one?

stephanie s

If they made a movie of your life,what songs would be on the soundtrack?

Peggy E.

You are such a pleasant person. You make me smile!
Wow-drive in movies-that is a blast from the past. What movie was playing?
Your class looks super fun and creative!!


that album looks way cute!!! I love those bright summery colors!! you have any goals for the summer? what 3 NON-scrapbooking things would you like to accomplish in the next 3 months? and are you going to answer the phone "Brandigirl" now?!?! lol!!
have a great weekend!

Kristen B.

Hi Brandi, We just got back from Disneyland and had a blast. My new favorite ride is Twilight Zone's Tower of Terror (actually at Calif Adventure). Do you have a favorite ride there?

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