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January 30, 2008


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Woo Hoo, (I am doing the Tami dance)! I am so excited for this and for you guys.
Hum...who would of thought I would be the first to comment!
Congratulations Kelly and Paula, and GREAT JOB Mer.
Love....the biggest loser.

Lezlye Lauterbach

Love the new blog, and the staff bio's. I can't wait to see more! Need to make another trip to Rocklin soon!

Brenda Johnston

Love the staff bio's. It helps us remember everyone's names. You are all doing a fabulous job with the store. We would all be lost without it! I was leary that a big store would be personable, but you do a great job of knowing people's names and making the place feel friendly. Keep up the great work!




way to go green tangerines!


very cool site!

Laina and Kaya

We love the new Blog! Kaya (age 6) and I looked at all the bio's and she was excited to see how many people love Mac n Cheese just like her. Jodi's gallery has inspired her to do a book about her dog Mojo. Thanks for the kids camp and mommy & me crops!! Thanks to all the crew for sharing your work, very inspiring. We look forward to checking in for new stuff often.

Jen Kidney

Love the new blog! I can't wait to make another trip in to see you guys soon!


Congratulations on entering the "Blog" era! Woo Hoo! All the better to pass information to all of us in Tangerine Land.



Your crazy girls are so CUTE! Where did you take the fun picture? Mer did a FABULOUS job with the blog! Can't wait for the daily posts(grin)!



This is excitting! Love your store. I love shopping there with my Daughter and Grand Daughter. We start at the front and work our way down every aisle. Everyone is so helpful and friendly, answering our many questions. Thank you so much for starting this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Denise Kashyap

"WOO-WOO-WOO (with hands pushing up in the air)" - that's what I think of when I see your fun pic, LOL! Lookin' forward to more blog reading here! Congrats! :)

Lisa H.

What a great blog site!! I'll add your link to my blog. I love the staff biography's. The color of the fonts are a little light, but other than that it's great!! I finally to get to come to one of your scrappy hours in February. I'm so excited!!!! I've tried a couple of times and it hasn't works out.

Lisa Dones

Hi Ladies, Wow! I am so excited to have another great way to stay in touch between our visits! We love you both and your awesome wonderful store! Karen and I are coming to visit and scrap in March. Look out The Lollipop Croppers are heading to town :*) Lisa


Oh my gosh, I'm so happy that you have this blog now. I've been coming to your store since you opened. In fact, I was just there last night and also last Friday. Wow, can you tell I'm addicted??? I even have to bribe my kids Starbucks bread just so they will be good for me while I browse there.

I think it was Kelly that helped me out last night. She was a sweetheart! I feel like a kid in a candy store whenever I go to your store. I swear, I try to set a budget before I go there but always end up spending at least double that budget. Oh well, Green Tangerines is my Happy Place! I could never go to Roseville area and not pass by there.

Ann Yo

So great to find out about a new Sac area store. I found out about you while poking around online. Cute blog and bios! One recommendation: Could you post your store's address in the About Us section? I need to find out where you're located. The pics of your store look amazing! I think my credit card will be in trouble... Good thing my birthday's coming up. :)

Shelly Berg

Love love love Green Tangerines! Glad you now are bloggers!


love the cool looking blog and great that you are in the sac area.


Love your new blog. It's so exciting to have such a great store in NorCal!


mer rocks...just like john mayor, but digitally!!

Stephanie J.

I just LOVE your store and coming in for Scrappy Hour. Your store definetly is the "freshest" thing around. Thanks for all of your hard work!


Wow! Kelly and Paula and Meredith!! Great job! This blog is worthy of your fantastic store and fantastic employees. I feel like each and every one of you are my personal good friends! Especially after the first challenge! (Lots of personal sharing with those pages!!!) Thanks for having the best scrap store EVER!!! You continue to amaze me- every time I come in I find a NEW product! You are ALL awesome!!!


So happy about your new blog-can't wait to get back down to Green Tangerines for another Scrappy Hour!


The new blog is great!! I especially like the bios. The "Creative Crew" bio is the best. Lots of ideas there which are always fun!!

Way to go!! Looking forward to another Scrappy Hour!

Wendy Hill

I first found out about your store before you opened at the Sacramento Expo two years ago. Looked forward to you opening and you did not disapoint!!!!!!!!!!!
Together with my Sister in law and my Mother we could and have spent hours just looking and getting great ideas. Thanks for all the latest and greatest. And thanks for the blog too. Just one more fun outlet to look forward to.

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