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January 30, 2008


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Monique Griffith

The blog looks fantastic! Well done, brilliant ladies! It's going to be such fun to check in every day!

Lucy Griffith

Wow! Great website for a great store! You did good Kelly. I will bookmark this site and check it often! Thanks.


I'm so glad that you got this going. Love all of the new stuff and what a great way to get everyone together. It's like a scrappy family. I know that this is the only place I need to go when I need that special something. Way to Go :0)


WOW...what an amazing blog...and an amazing store! Love all the pictures and bios on the staff!!Your weekend scrappy hours are the best, the Cricut Classes with Monique are fabulous and your staff is so personable and helpful every time I am there. THANK YOU!! I look forward to your new calendar every month to see what I can sign up for! Thanks for bringing such a wonderful store to Roseville and for all your two ladies should be so proud!

Sarah Smith

Green Tangerines is my favorite place to get my creative juices flowing. And Scrappy Hour is the BEST "girls night out" in town. You guys ROCK!


I love coming down to "the big city" of Rocklin to scrap with my girlfriends. We try to meet at least once each month at your store to scrap, visit, and just have some good 'ol girlfriend time. Your store offers us a comfortable space to scrap, a delicious meal, friendly staff, and of course products at our fingertips while we are working on our projects. Thanks for "scrappy hour"...I love it! I love your store and I keep spreadin' the word to my friends in the hills about the great scrapbook store in Rocklin. Congratulations! Best wishes for continued success at GT!

Rachel C.

So glad you started the new blog! Love the store. It's always fun to go and look around and of course buy something. Keep up the good work!

vicki hisaw

I love "scrappy" nights--it allows us to indulge in our obsessions of scrapbooking without guilt ! I have met many new friends at your store. Look forward to many more nights of scrappin'. When will you have a retreat weekend? sign me up !! Vicki

vicki hisaw

How to pick a favorite with so many choices. Gotta love 'em all !! Can't wait to see what you all bring back. Looks as if you are having a fabulous time. Vicki


Great website, great store!!!! The blogs are fun as well. Keep up the great work! Can't wait to come back to your store!!


Go with Bsic Gray--good stuff. Now i hope i won some free stuff!!!


you can't forget Making Memories i always love them 8^)


Thank you for your help!


Janet Forrest aka scrappin' gaga

I don't know if I'm happy or sad that you have a more thing (in addition to shopping at Green Tangarines!) to keep me from ACTAULLY scrapbooking! It was good that you are in Roseville and I am in Folsom...couldn't just LIVE w/ y' you're right here in my living room!

Hannah says hi!

Vicki Jukich

Haven't been to the site for some time and I just love it, as always.
Just wanted to tell you that one of my most favorite vendors is K & Company. They have so many cute stickers, I just love them. Well I just turned "The Big 50" last month and my friends gave me a gift cert, so will need to come shopping. Yeah See you soon.

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