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February 21, 2008


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Yea! I was so worried about Laura's page last night. I know a little strange but what ever. I have never really had to much excitment with a page. The only close call I can think of was when my dog layout was attacked by a toddler with elmers glue. She thought she was being helpful by glueing dog food to a picture of our dog. The page made it, sad to say the picture did not. Oh well, it made for a cute story.

Maegen Jenne

A few summers ago my sister in and I started scrapbooking outside on a picnic table in front of our apartment complex. A nice summer breeze picked up and blew my project everywhere. Brads, buttons, scraps ribbons etc. You name it, it was in the muddy grass. I managed to salvage most pieces. Some papers were "antiqued" with mud (Luckily I was making a mini book for my dad for Father's Day and the mud actually added to the look I was going for.) and some were lost forever. Or so we thought...later that summer we had the other couple from our building our for a bbq and our little 1 1/2 year old friend kept brining her mommy pretty paper and ribbon scraps. Wonder where those came from?

Maegen Jenne

Mer, what is the font you used in your lovely play by play of Laura fishing for scrapbook layouts? It looks like some chipboard letters I have from Scenic Route.



the font i used was "teen". it's one of my favorites!

you can download it for free here:

also the paper i used is from a digital kit that we use in our juicy bytes class. you can download that for free too! it's a shabby princess creation. the kit is called festival. check it out...



too funny...and thanks for the links, mer! I have had many mishaps with my pages over the years...but usually it has to do with having the greatest layout nearly finished and then dropping the freshly painted chipboard on the page...or the freshly glue-adhered embellishment right in the center of the page! lovely. half the time I leave it with the smudge...heck, what's the big deal about perfection, right? :) Kristen


One of my page mishaps was when I had nearly completed a paper doll back when they were in). She was sitting on my table waiting for her cheeks to be chalked. I had created this little paper doll to look just like my friends daughter (same hair color, skin tones etc... I was making a scrapbook page for her album. One of my boys climbed up to my work space & snipped the pigtails right off of her head. Needless to say, I had to start from scratch. Tami your story is cute & your little one is cute & creative!


Angela Willmon

You GT people are so clever! One of my mishaps was after spending precious hours working on a 4 page layout, I realized I placed them on the wrong sides of the Creative Memories scrapbook pages. You know-they have to go in certain directions because of the staples. Well, they weren't all on full background sheets, so I couldn't just pull them off and put them on the right way. I had to redue them. I was in tears. Now, I double check before I start, or I try to do most of my pages on full 12 x 12 background sheets just incase! Angela

Maegen Jenne

thanks Mer...i downloaded it today! love that font. another great one is pharmacy (looks like quickutz blossom) from http://www.haroldsfonts.com/pharmacy.html

it is free too!

:o) MJ

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