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June 26, 2008


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holly molly! this sounds so fantastic. Check out that amazing bus!

Angela Willmon

What a blast that will be! I'll have to miss it, but can't wait to see the pics.
-Angela Willmon


My mom does quilt 'shop hops' all the time...I have been SO waiting for this from the scrapbook/paper craft world! Couple of questions 1) Are the maps going to be printed on the passports with all the specific addresses of the shops? ~a mileage chart would help too~ 2) For clarification, the e-mail says we need to complete 9 shops for the drawings, prizes, etc....but on the registration form, it says we need to complete ALL shops to qualify...so, are there different drawings at various levels? This will be so fun - thanks!


You guys are going to have such a blast! I wish I could go too, but since I can't, I expect lots and lots of pics :]


Sarah Smith

Okay, call me crazy, and maybe it is just the long week draining on me... but did I miss the dates? I looked the post over a couple times and still don't see them! =) Help!


This is going to be so much fun! The logo looks fabulous-great job Mer!

MacKenzie Bruckler

I am SO there!

...will there be vegetarian meals available?

Jean Campbell

Hey, guys. The dates? Are we assuming that is is happening the first weekend of August?

And p.s. The subscribe to your blog isn't working, at least not for moi.

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