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November 26, 2008


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one of my favorite holiday traditions is baking cookies.


Walking the neighbor hood, to see the lights, with a mug of cocca!!


Bundle up, drive to foresthill (snowy peaks tree farm) and hadve daddy cut down the tree you and the fam choose! my kiddos LOVE this tradition...and it always happens the first Saturday in December...driving back down the hill in time for the USC/UCLA game...fight on Trojans! :)


by the way...this countdown calendar is even cuter in person! way to go Brenda!!!


We love to bundle up in the PJs and blankets and ride in the car to look at lights with cocoa in the thermos.
Everyone loves it!

Peggy Estes

Bake cookies for the neighbors!


I have 3 g'sons and every Christmas I buy a very large poinsettia--we call it our poinsettia tree. We took a pictures of my 1st grandson, dressed as Santa Clause, under this "tree". we did this every year, and on his 4th Christmas the picture had 2 kids. two years later 3 kids all dressed as Santa Clause. We have continued this every year and this will be our 9th Christmas doing this.


Ask 'What does Christmas mean to you?' (have each family member respond)

Maegen Jenne

My favorite Christmas traditions happen christmas day. We try to get each other an ornament that goes with something that is currently going on in their lives. Every ornament on my tree has a story! Like the year we moved to PA from NH...I had to ride the bus to highschool! ugh! So my mom and dad got me a yellow school bus ornament. sweet.

But here is one for the Count Down Tin (which is ADORABLE btw)... Watch/Read the Polar Express and see if you can hear your own bell ring. (one year she wrapped silver bells in white boxes with red satin ribbon for each of us...she is awesome)


Put on your favorite Christmas CD's and dance! Our favorite is "Let it Snow" Whenever it comes on we all stop what we are doing and dance around the family room. It is silly fun.

Brandi Osborn

Drive to the snow-if there is any-and go sledding. We plan to do this when the snow comes with our little guy. Hoping it will become a tradition.


My family and I make little baggies and fill it with dog and cat treats and take it to the local SPCA to give the animals so they can have a Christmas treat.


Make advent goodie bags.
Decorate- and fill with little goodies for the kids!
We hang ours around the fireplace.


Our family tradition is to try to hit every tree lighting ceremony in the area. The ones on the must-see list are Old Town Sac, K St. Mall, Napa's X-mas Parade, Roseville and Citrus Heights. Fun for all...some even have free cocoa and cookies!

Oh...watching Elf every year is a must as well! HeHe!

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