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February 26, 2009


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The projects are so great that picking was very hard. But I am going to start with one project because it was THE project that made me go to the booth twice and also the reason my friend and I signed up for the kit club! So, for me, "Seven" by Kinsey Wilson stands out as most unique. I loved the use of the trading card protectors, and loved that sequin punch out thingie in one of the slots! Ok, I will not be so detailed from here on out, but it is tempting as the projects are all really great! I love "Sweet Boy" by Amy Pruden. Endless Summer" by Brenda Johnson was great for the use of lots of pictures. "Moments in Time" by Jen Crutchfield is great, and I will say that I love how she used the Jan. sticker. I also really love "Passion" by Autumn Nguyen.

Thanks for the inspiration ladies! Can't wait to be a part of this growing kit club!!


fun fun...love the eye candy. only problem is that i can't seem to stalk myself... congrats girls on a lot of hard work paying off...


oh, and i wasn't commenting to win...take me out. ;)

Christine Chain

I love everything with the new kit, but 2 favorites: 1) endless*summer by brenda johnston and 2) opening*day by eve fowler


My two favs are "San*Fran" and "Seven"


How do you pick? Everything is so cute! I just love Laughter by lauren galindo. little*brother by kinsey wilson. sweet*boy by amy pruden. great work ladies!


There are so many great things to choose from, but since I have to pick I would say the science trip mini book and the San Fran page lay outs, both i could use seeing how San Fran is my favorite get away and I taking my student on a science trip next month.


I really like the cards, but my favorite's are probably "Love You" and "hi". I tried to create an account in the idea gallery last night, but never got an email. How long does the account creation take?

Kristin Troyer

I love everything!! My two favorites were Taking Care of Business and Endless Summer.

Monica W.

What a endless amount of creative ideas. There were so many I saw that had techniques I now want to try out myself. If I were to choose my 3 favorites they would be: This Face by Lauren Galindo, Endless Summer by Brenda Johnston and You Rock the Argyle by Amy Pruden.

Can't wait to see what excitting things are coming up next!

Heather Hall

Love all the great ideas! The "These Little Piggies" really caught my eye! I always take pictures of my baby's toes and that is the perfect title for a layout! Thanks! Oh, the "Olive You!" is super cute, too!

Lisa Dones

I love all the samples!!!! I especially love Rock On & Opening Day, for two reasons. For the crisp clean lines and because Eve is my Fav Designer :O)

Teresa Smith

Okay so how soon can I purchase one of these kits? I am dying to make some fun projects with what looks like a ton of great supplies. Now since I have to only pick two, I would have to say "This Face" and "Green is the New Black". I also really liked Kinsey's "Seven" book. So that is what all of those hockey card holders were used for. It looks great! I can't wait to purchase the kit.


Loved Autumn's Science Trip mini and Kinsey's Se7en mini! Thanks for the chance to win!


What awesome inspirations! Sandee Buckmaster's "Olive*You" caught my eye and made me chuckle, but "Seven" by Kinsey Wilson is my favorite. Way to go designers!

Keep up the great job!

davidd aka puuikibeach

I like the mix of fonts & handwriting on Autumn Nguyen's "Passion" pages.

amy christine

i totally love the science trip mini album and the happy faces mini album... both are totally adorable. :]

Maegen Jenne

Looks like I am a few hours late! Bummer...But I loved: Endless Summer(LO) and For My Friend (card)


I love yellowstone*national*park by Autumn Nguyen and San*Fran.


So many great projects it was hard to choose. I think that my favorite 2 are Pumpkin 08 and Opening day. Looking forward to all your designer ideas.


I agree---it's so hard to choose just two favorites! Everything looks so great, but the ones that keep grabbing my eye are "These little piggies" (who doesn't love little feet?!) and "this*face". Again sooooo hard to choose and I love them all!

Sara C

My two favs are "the*office" and "laughter." I now have some inspiration to get scrapping again! Thanks!


Everyone's work is terrific, but "You Rock the Argyle" by Amy Pruden is one of my favorites...very colorful & classic (and great stitching!). Also, "Endless Summer" by Brenda J. is another one of my favorites because she has a way of fitting tons of pictures on the page!

shari walker

I loved the endless summer and the science book, they are all awesome, great job........

gadget gal

Love all the proyects specially the science trip mini album.
Hard to decide for the second... I think I will say Laughter by Lauren Galindo

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