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April 13, 2009


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Happy Birthday GT - it is still a pleasure to shop with you (and find GREAT inspiration)!

Debi g.

Let's see, there are many stories...the first day when the checkout line snaked all around the store and my good friend Marily remarked as she finally became next in line: "It's like waiting for the Matterhorn in Disneyland! I'm next, I'm next!!"...Jamie dropping a pile of paper trays and hundreds of plastic pieces sailing all over the store!! The "Good Day Sacramento" bit and all our sillies afterwards...muffin, anyone?

It's been a wild ride but I'm glad I've been on it!! Thanks for 2 great years, Kelly & Paula (and Ken too! But only if he doesn't tease me...)

Denise Z.

Sigh...remember the night before opening??? Our crash training course on the registers? And Kelly wondering WHAT we would do "if we opened the doors and no one showed up?"

Thankfully, "everyone" (and then some) showed up! And they continued to come. :)

I can't believe it's been two years already, seems like just yesterday I was having my "bypass". (LOL Brandi B!)

Happy Birthday, GT! Congrats to Paula, Kelly and Ken (now if we could just teach him to answer the phones!) Thanks for the memories...and thanks for letting me be a part of them!


Wow!!! Two years already- I remember that curving checkout line and being wowed by all of the inspiration in the store (that still happens to me every time I come in!) Congratulations!!


Happy Birthday GT and all of you amazing people over there! So glad you came to town, my friends...looking forward to many more years of fun and creativity! :)


You guys are amazing and I am happy to call myself a customer! I always make it a point to come into your store when i am in town! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GT!!!!


Happy Birthday GT!
LOVE LOVE the store and everything IN it!
And that includes everyone IN it! Love you all too!


wow 2 whole years!
i am so thankful to have been able to work with everyone at gt. i truly love it there...
my favs are the "we are defnitely going to be done by midnight" overnighters haha...there's nothing like working to the last possible second! i love every minute of it...
thank you for letting me stay on because i never want to leave :)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Memories !!!!!
Guess who was the first person in line to get inside your store? I got there around 6 so I could be first.
ME !!!
Again happy birthday. I have loved your store from day one and it has not stopped. The crew members are great and your products are awesome. Keep up the great work.

A. Willmon

Happy "terrific two's" to GT and everyone there. Your store is my happy place. Thank you for being so incredible!

Lisa Dones

Happy Birthday to the most awesome retail store ever!!!!!!

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