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August 14, 2010


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J Ferrante

I can't wait!!!

Julie, momto7

YAY!!! I only ever received one of your kits (from waaay back in January 2009) and I have been stalking your blog ever since then because that kit was the best one I have ever seen. Will you be bringing back your kit club?

Sylvia Drown

Glad to see you up and running!!!

Catherine Hall

Thank God my prayers are answered.... More then willing to come help stock the store so you can open sooner :)


Yay! So excited to her this. I've missed meeting my friends there for Scrappy Hour and the products. Can't wait!!!!

MacKenzie Bruckler

I'm SO happy for you! And for me too! Can't wait to see you guys again!


AWESOME ! ! ! You all are soooo missed. Can't wait to see you and attend some crops.


Yea! So happy to hear this! My friend and I miss scrapping together and catching up! :)


I'm so excited! Will you be hiring or do you already have your staff?

Natalie McElmeel

YAY! That just made my day. I'm so excited and happy you'll be re-opening. We've missed you so much.


Open...Open...Open. :-)

Can't wait!

Maegen Jenne

hip hip hooray!!!!!!

Heather Jones

SOOO excited to see this! Please bring back scrappy hours - those were awesome (side note - so much better with food - happy to pay the extra. toatlly fine with pizza or subway - keep it easy). Can't wait for you to open!

christie spencer

woohoo! this is such awesome news!

Pam Chappell

Wonderful!!! Our group continued meeting for Scrapbooking but didn't have the GT to look at all the neat things, get new items and so on. Sooooooooo glad you are coming back. Hopefully our next scrapbooking will be "Scrappy Hour" at GT. We liked it with food so hope that comes back too. :)

Teri C

Halliluyah!! I have had no where to spend my scrapping allowance! Can't wait! I am so happy for you! I have prayed about a new partner or new funds or what ever it takes to bring you back!! So happy for you guys!! Can't wait to see ya!!


This is the best news! I can't wait to come in, check out all your new goodies and do some scrapping!!

Peggy Estes

Woo Hoo!!!
I am so excited that you are able to re-open!
Can't wait to see you!
Peggy Estes


I am sooo excited, not only for me and my friends, but for your staff and the area in general. I am texting my friends as soon as I complete this. Welcome back
and can not wait you have been missed.


I am so excited for all of you!! You have been missed greatly. Will you be in the same location or a new one? I can't wait to hear more good news coming. :)

Laina Allen

I Can't wait - shopping online just is not the SAME!! We ( 9 year old daughter Kaya )can't wait to be there. I didn't take pictures the day of the first Grand opening so now I have a SUPER new scappertunity.
I'm sure you know how much you are loved and have been missed. Can't wait to tell Kaya after school.
Laina And Kaya Allen


I had to post another comment. I just told Laura (4 years old) and she can't wait to shop for more buttons! See you then! Cathy Lacerda

Gail Bolan

I have driven by every week making sure the sign did not go down. You said you were going to try to come back and yeah you are. I am so glad, loved going on my lunch hours! See you soon.

Cindy d

That's wonderful news! I live pretty far away (over an hour) but your store is so awesome that it's worth the trip.


Yippee! Welcome back!

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